Ayush Roberts

Student and Blogger in India

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Hey there! I am a student and Blogger currently living in India. I'm 19, and my interests range from technology to games to music. My hobbies include computers, games and K-POP music.

I've been a blogger since 2014. I have blogging experience of over 5 years and have managed sites on both Blogger and Wordpress. My first step into blogging was an Android apps website, Androparadise. I managed to gain millions of regular users and promoted the blog on various platforms including, but not limited to, Wordpress, Youtube and Blogger. I took a break from writing articles in 2018 to focus on other activities.

In May 2020, I started what is currently my favorite pass-time during the Coronavirus Lockdown. I write articles & reviews for and manage The Girl Group Sector. It is an entertainment and news blog featuring K-POP album reviews, girlgroup activities and major headlines from across the industry. I'm willing to help if you wish to take up blogging as a new hobby and do not know where to start.

You can click the button above to visit my old website. The page will also link you to my new blog. Hey, If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.