Ayyub Bailey

Massachusetts, United States

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Ayyub Bailey is the founder of Excelsior Management Solutions, LLC and serves as Vice President & Chairman in pursuit aiming to produce superior investment returns by aggressively seeking capital appreciation in rising markets and preserving capital in declining markets. We take a long-term perspective as we endeavor to maintain a focused, disciplined portfolio that consistently generates profits over time. Excelsior Management Solutions, LLC "mission is to become the central pillar of the United States investment market by becoming a patner of choice for investors and hedge fund (private and public) for both domestic and interenational organizations, businesses and investors. We aim to lead the real estate investment market by acting as a catalyst and creator of unique investments here within the United States.

Ayyub Bailey serves as part of the management team of a Fortune 8 company here in the United States and is also a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). His service and knowledge of real estate investment will ease the way for investors within the industry.

Ayyub Bailey is also a human rights activist and motivational speaking who lectures high risk youth in urban communities. He is also the founder of a private school serving low income Muslim youth from Pre-K -through Grade 5. The academy provides them with an environment with small teacher to student ratios - coupled with an atmosphere of inclusion. His passion has been empowerment while mentoring them to be strong community contributors while protecting them from all forms of intolerance and disenfranchisement. "I have travelled the world from Harlem to Mecca and I know this - no child should have the responsibility of securing their own future. That is a gift that every responsible man and woman must delivery - money is not enough what else have you given?" Ayyub Bailey Excelsior Management Solutions minority managers leadership seminar. July 2014

  • Education
    • Boston University