Julissa Azalia

Fullerton, California

"Living life to the fullest, day by day, wondering what each day life will bring because the most beautiful things happen by accident."

Attending Whittier College majoring in Social Work to become a High School Counselor. Working at Ross in the Stock room Tuesday-Friday.

On my free time I love to write, short stories or fanfictions. It started with poetry but I got into writing.

Not your average girl. I’m a weird old fashioned dork. Hopeless Romantic. Perfectly imperfect. I'm a once in a lifetime classy lady. Latina. Peruvian/Mexican/Nicaraguan. I'm a head strong female and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I speak what's on my mind without a filter. I am only 40% "girly girl" if that means wearing make up, wearing my favorite jewelry, and making sure every hair is in place when I go out. I prefer a nice pair of jeans with sneakers and a cute Disney tee. Occasionally a pair of shorts only when it's hot. I'm not afraid to laugh or have fun. I am nice but never too nice. Born and raised in California. I love watching baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. I love the LA Dodgers, LA Kings, LA Lakers and USC football. I love laughing and just having a great time. I enjoy going to Disneyland since I have a pass.

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