not for the flawless


My name is Syifa. My friends call me Syifa. My family call me Syifa. But you—you can call me Syifa.

Nothing special, really. But my hands just itch to make a new biography—no, more like random rants—no, more like useless shit. I don’t even care if no one reads this. But I will be thankful if someone reads this. Why? No idea.
1 out of 7 billion

So… 7 billion people out there, huh? And it keeps increasing. Many scientists think Earth has a maximum carrying capacity of 9 billion people. What will actually happen to Earth after this? What will Earth looks like after centuries? Unfortunately, I don’t know anything. The only thing I know about one century from now is probably the non-existence of me. And you.

I’m from Indonesia. 11 May 1999. How can I even forget that day? I mean—yeah.

Not very desirous to tell about this.
The trash can

Trash 1 (big ears)

I’m so sensitive and a good listener—not the ‘good listener’ that you would vent to—more like because I have functional ears. I overheard people talking, about me or someone else—not in the intention of eavesdropping. It just they said it aloud and it’s not my fault that they’re not being careful. Those words sometimes made my day but sometime—not frequently—those words made me feel bad. The feels that probably make you unable to sleep when night comes.

Trash 2 (stars on stage)

I don’t really have fandom. Since I quit. Not because I don’t admire them (read: ekso, fx) anymore—but because I can’t contain the drama when I’m in it—in the fandom. Basher over here. Basher over there. Even when I’m not involved with the drama, I can feel ‘Why is this so f*ck up?’.

Trash 3 (delusions) note: if you don’t like/know about Korean idol, please skip to the next trash

Kaistal. Even when I stop supporting both origin groups. I just couldn’t let go of these two. I ship them for two years and there’s no sign of me stopping to love this ship. You may say I’m delusional but I’m not the only one (Mr. Lennon, stop please). People have their own opinion and intellection. Saying ‘this is not real’—‘that is not real’ is not needed when you don’t know the truth. But when it comes to ‘this is real!’ or ‘t

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