Azande Africa

Port Elizabet

Azande is a public relations and marketing agency grounded in creative talent, publicity and brand development. We have created a platform to market African indigenous fashion, music, books, personalities, events and media relations. We forge synergies between mainstream brands, personalities and community media platforms.

Great brand perceptions translate to more than just displaying your name in an appealing front. At Azande we help you create a powerful brand perception that won’t only attract customers but send out a strong and balanced message to communities, introducing your brand and company as part of them through community savvy ambassadors.

With our expertise, your goals and objectives, Azande will increase your brands visibility and bring it to the forefront. We help you develop a high standard brand geared towards reaching your target audience and create interactions through various community representatives /trendsetters to endorse your presence in all circles they dominate in.

Due to brutal market systems a lot of gems in the African continent remain undiscovered or under-exposed and therefore Azande is the medium to showcase such indigenous brands, products and talents within our communities.