Azan Tengku

Azan Tengku has always been a “Go Big or Go Home” kind of guy. Born at the age of zero to non-hippie parents, he came into the world in a big way which was particularly evident by the long and hard labor that his mom underwent trying to push his huge head out into this world for a gasp of air at The Buffalo’s Dent (Kandang Kerbau) Hospital in Singapore. Azan and his family lived for a few years in Singapore before they moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. It was here that he attended an international school and grew a sense of attachment to all things Indonesian. After graduating high school, Azan was waiting to serve his motherland of Singapore but in the meantime he interned at a boutique-trading firm. This is where he learned the art of slipping thick envelopes filled with crisp US 100 dollar bills to government officials in return for favorable business deals. Once he had completed his “national sentence” in 2001, Azan set his sights on becoming a revolutionary social leader similar to Che Guerra and Gandhi. However, this dream was short lived; Azan received his acceptance letter from Michigan State University and went to the US of A to pursue a degree in Finance, much inspired by Gordon Gecko, the greedy villain of the 1987 film “Wall Street”. Currently Azan works full-time in Finance but in his spare time consults and incubates new creative start-up firms just for “fun“. Today, Azan’s not-so-crazy-after-all dreams of becoming a revolutionary social leader are coming true in his involvement in community work with minority groups. In other news, Azan has retired permanently from golf after breaking one too many golf clubs. He is a professional couch surfer, master smoozer and an adrenaline junkie who bungee jumps even when the weight requirement exceeds the safety threshold. Ever since he was born, Azan has been living life in a big way and he doesn’t intend to quit anytime soon.