I have many memories from when I was a child but, oddly enough not many of them are good ones. I know they are there I just can't seem to bring them to the surface. I grew up in Missouri with my five brothers and one sister. There being seven of us, our ages were spanned fairly far apart so from oldest to youngest we never really got to know each other.

I never took school very seriously, so when the time came to graduate. I didn't have any plans on what to do with my life. The only option I saw was to join the AirForce and make a career out of that rather than staying in the same small town like the rest of my family had done. All too soon I made the desicion to get married, which led to my three precious little girls.

I spent several years in Okinawa for my first assignment. After my time was up there we moved to Utah. Time went by as it always does, I traveled to many different places to fix jets where ever the military needed me to go. Rash decisions usually lead to disasters and after years of struggling the inevitable divorce finally happened.

Luckily afterwards I ran into someone who is as good for my not so little girls but young ladies now, as she is for me. I am now retired from the military and am pursuing an education into something I have always dreamed of doing; game design.