Ahmad Zaryab

Ahmad Zaryab

3-Year plus hands-on experience of PROCUREMENT SUPPLY MANAGEMENT

Experience spans the area of setting-up and restructuring of Procurement systems with cost cutting policies and procedures.

Achieved PROFITABILITY GOALS with cost cutting 7 of total buying that made 5 increase as extra profit on annual turnover in NASCO through strategy of knowledge sharing with vendors and effective negotiation skills.

The profit of any company will to a large extent depend upon the purchasing efficiency, because most organizations spend about 60 of the sales realization as purchases. In Japan, application of scientific techniques skillfully has enabled the country to reduce the cost of goods by 5 in 2-years time and thereby enabling that country to compete successfully with all other economies. As a matter of fact, most of the Japanese companies have the slogan, we live by sales but make our profit from purchases.

Since procurement is supposed to be a spending department, therefore every rupee saved on purchasing goes to the profit column in the balance sheet.

The efficient performance of the purchasing function is vital for the efficient functioning of the total organization and hence it is necessary that the level of its performance should be placed at a higher plateau.


Market Research
Source Development and Assessment
Pre-qualification of Vendors
Vendor Rating and Re-evaluation
Vendor Relations Management
Pre-purchase Value Analysis
Import Substitution
Cost Reduction / Savings
Purchase Budget
Lead Time Analysis
Time Management
Price Forecasting
Inventory Control
Warehouse Management
Transportation and Logistics

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