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Audrey Zatarian


I participate in AKC conformation and field events with our Vizslas. I was the rescue coordinator for Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon and the Vizsla Club of America covering Oregon and Washington from 2003 - 2007. I was a member of Northwest Vizsla Rescue Alliance, Inc from 2007 until we ceased operations in 2012. I have been on the board of Vizsla Rescue Fund for many years. I am a member of the Vizsla Club of America , Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon, Vizsla Club of Northern California and Lone Cypress Vizsla Club. I am a past member of the Tualatin Kennel Club. I am an infrequent breeder and breed under the Catch A Fire kennel name. I became an AKC Breeder of Merit in November 2010. I enjoy talking about my breed so, if you ever want to talk just let me know.