Agnieszka Zbieranska

Poland, United Kingdom

I graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Oriental Studies (Japanese). I have always been fascinated with Japan, its rich culture and extraordinary people. My degree enabled me to fulfil many of my life passions: that for learning foreign languages (the more difficult, the better!), sampling delicious food, travelling to distant lands, and examining people in their natural environment.

While writing my BA dissertation on 'Trauma and Healing in Modern Japanese Literature', not only did I fall in love with Japanese literature in general, but also discovered my second great vocation; namely Psychology. My exploration of Freud's and Lacan's psychoanalytical theories and very basic notions of contemporary Clinical Psychology has filled me with unstoppable curiosity and eagerness to deepen my knowledge of the science of human mind and behaviour.

I am currently undertaking the MSc in Psychology at the University of St. Andrews, which I hope will constitute the very first step towards my future Psychology-related career, may that be as a researcher or a psychotherapist (or both). I have already completed internationally accredited Life Coaching Course, as well as the NLP Practitioner Course. I am now working with clients to help them achieve their goals, using their dormant potential and resources they haven't even been aware of.

On my website 'Happiness 4 Dummies' I tackle the question of happiness, believing that its secret lies not in some magical spells and unattainable knowledge, but rather in one's state of mind, which can be practiced and mastered by everyone. I am also an advocate of hygenic life, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), gratitude, and leading one's life in accordance with one's ideals.

One's state of mind aside, I try to promote good food, art, and simple pleasures available to every single one of us in our daily lives. After all, 'In a healthy body, healthy mind'!

I am a life enthusiast- I love art, sports, good food and conversation- but I cannot yet say that I have mastered the skill of happiness. I feel, however, that if there is one pursuit in my life that it's worth devoting my time and energy to, it's that; happiness- for me, for my beloved ones, for everyone. Life's too short and the world's too beautiful to be experiencing them half-way.

  • Education
    • University of Oxford (BA in Japanese);