Hanna Azboy

Every Sunday my Realtor father, LA City Planner mother, and I would drive through the streets of our local neighborhoods looking for open houses. Growing up on the east side of Los Angeles, I began loving the variety of character homes I saw in my neighborhood at a young age. Upon graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Sociology and Business Administration, I decided to move back to the "eastside" to pursue a career in what I'd loved for years...real estate.

One reason I sell real estate is that I believe owning real property is truly one of the most attainable and solid steps anyone can take towards investing in their future. From working in the Los Angeles planning department, along with my experiences in the retail industry, I like to say I've developed a talent for communicating with people of differing backgrounds and a service-oriented business philosophy. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply the benefits of my experience and skills to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals. People look for a Realtor who has the ability to tune into their personal needs and help them every step of the way, and that's what I offer.

In my free time I love to run, hike, travel, cook, and stroll local farmers markets...I love being in the sunshine and keep a healthy and active lifestyle!