Aaron Zeckoski

Aaron Zeckoski is a software architect and open source software engineer primarily specializing in learning management and analytics systems. His experience includes work in distributed teams, university teams, commercial teams, and as an independent consultant.
Aaron is internationally recognized for his expertise in the Sakai open source learning system and he serves as a member of the core team and PMC. An experienced systems architect, Aaron has demonstrated his programming expertise in all aspects of web application development from Design to Backend Development to Server Administration. He is a member of open source developer communities like Apereo, Sakai, Moodle, Opencast, and DSpace. Aaron is an active member of the Sakai Product Management Committee (PMC), Sakai Core Team, and Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative (LAI).
Aaron is experienced and interested in technical leadership, high scalability systems, development tools and practices, and developer mentoring. He is an expert in PHP, Java, Javascript, REST, and Cloud services/deployment. Aaron is a member of open source developer communities and an active open source advocate. He seeks challenging work involving web applications and service oriented architectures.