Azeem Rathore

I'm a contributor to various free and open source software projects and I work for IBM's Open Source Program Office as an Open Source Community Expert. I have Master degrees in Electrical, and Software Engineering and doing a PhD in Technology Management. My big passion is free software and open source. Unlike traditional software, free software comes with certain freedoms, such as the right to freely distribute, study and improve the software. I'm interested in free software for two reasons. First, I believe in the concept of free software and that users should be given those freedoms. Second, free software projects are often carried out by volunteers and I see project and quality management in distributed volunteer projects as an exciting challenge. I have been involved in various free software projects for over 3 years. I used to be the volunteer coordinator for the GNU step project and acted as publicity director for Linux International. In 2009, I joined the Debian project an association of roughly 1000 volunteers working on an operating system completely based on free software; I acted as the leader of Debian for two years. I am also completing a PhD on the question of how to perform high quality releases in free software projects. Apart from spending time at the computer, I like to read, listen to music and I also travel a lot. I have a curious fascination with the ocean and one of my favourite activities is to spend time at a beach. I have been to a number of amazing beaches over the last few years (such as Manly and Coogee beach in Sydney and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro). I'm fairly busy but I'm quite approachable and actually pretty good at responding to e-mail. If you'd like to get in contact to discuss anything found on this web site, see my contact page. I also maintain a blog which I update every now and then.