Alison Zehnder


My full name is Alison Louise Zehnder. Im the youngest of 3. I've had a hard life but luckily i have my friends and my art to keep my going. I wont tell you my age. Or where i'm from. Or where i go to school. I will tell you i have 2 bestfriends named Maddi and Tom.

They both know me better then anyone. If you could combined there nolage about me to make a person then i would have a twin. They both care about me like i was their own sister and i care for them just as much and probably more.

Art is my passion. I love to draw. I might post a photo of some of my simple stuff one day. MAYBE.


Thats the basics i think.

Love Always

  • Work
    • McDonalds
  • Education
    • Hogwarts