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Exploring parallel universes kicking it with parallel self's sharing knowledge. Got dreams of breaking free of this existence to explore The Multiverse, Omniverse, and eventually the Macroverse. Poof!

On a personal level I can be quite deceiving; typically quiet,talking when I have something meaningful to say,nothing I do is done randomly everything has a logic behind it....relatively empty inside so much so it hurts considerably the driving force for the above paragraph, gotta fill the void somehow.

Eh,this place sucks, this place as in this universe, people also suck, I prefer the company of Cats,books and warm tea.

I've always had an interest in the occult since 11 years old and earlier. I'm usually absent minded, but I know my stuff when time comes. If you couldn't tell already I'm an introvert.... Poof!

Quantum science is the escaping.

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