Azerbaijan is located west of the Caspian Sea but shares common interest and has close ties with the United States.

Azerbaijan occupies an area that fringes the southern flanks of the Caucasus Mountains. The country is characterized by its dry subtropical climate and its capital, Baku, boasts the best harbor on the Caspian Sea.

Heavy Industry
Azerbaijan is a developed country - expanding considerably in heavy industries such as power, manufacturing and chemical production. As the birthplace of the oil-refining industry, Azerbaijan emerged as a leader in the petroleum and natural gas industries. Engineering played an important role to the Azerbaijan economy as the country excelled in manufacturing of oil and gas equipment, electrical equipment of all kinds, and many appliances and instruments.

Azerbaijan has other natural resources including iodobromide waters, lead, zinc, iron, copper ores, nepheline syenites utilized in the production of aluminum, common salt, and a great variety of building materials, including marl, limestone, and marble.

The development of Azerbaijan’s heavy industries created a demand for fuel and power supplies. All electricity is produced at thermoelectric power stations burning fossil fuels, which have been built throughout the country. Branches of the processing industry, producing mineral fertilizers, gasoline, kerosene, herbicides, industrial oils, synthetic rubber, and plastics, have developed.

Light Industry
At least half of Azerbaijan's total area is suitable for agriculture and, with much of it under cultivation, the country has demonstrated significant growth in light industries. Grain and raw cotton are the countries two largest agricultural crops driving food production and the manufacturing of woolen textiles, knitwear, traditional household items, souvenirs, footwear, and other consumer goods. Favorable conditions for grapes have contributed to the development of viticulture and Azerbaijan emerging as a wine country. Other crops include vegetables (particularly early varieties), fruits, walnuts, and hazelnuts

Azerbaijan exports chemicals, machinery, food (particularly grapes and other fruits and vegetables), beverages, petroleum, natural