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Greetings, everyone. As some of you might know, I am Andrea. I was born on the 2nd of January, since I have trust issues regarding the social media, I have no slight interest in stating my age. I hope you guys understand and have no reason in offending some of you guys. I absolutely adore animanga, music, artistic related stuff and reading, my ambition for the future as of now is to become either an animator or author.

I don’t really have any specific “requirements” before following me. Yes, I have my favourite characters but I don’t claim nor kin with my favourite characters. So, if you have the same favourite as I do, feel free to follow me as you wish. I personally think that we should talk about our interests in a DM sometime. Anyway, if you are curious to know who my favourite characters are, here are they in order:

— Kanan Matsuura

— Nishinoya Yuu

— Sena Kashiwazaki

— Emilia (Re: Zero)

— Yuuki Konno

— Kaori Miyazono

— Eru Chitanda

I have more favourites but so far, these are my main favourites. If you like them as well, feel free to follow my account. Though, I am reminding you now that you may experience me spamming regarding these characters most of the time, so if that may make you feel uncomfortable in any sort of way please refrain from following me. I want to own an account where everyone feels comfortable, if that makes sense.

Of course, you can’t follow me if you hold any sort of grudge towards me, if you are racist, homophobic and others related to that.

I guess this is all you need to know, if you have any questions feel free to DM me and I’ll answer it immediately. Though, I might not answer some questions because of my trust issues, it mainly depends on the question you are asking.

If you are done reading all of these, please DM me a picture of your favourite character so I can add it to my taglist. That is all, thank you for reading.