Azhar Quader

New York, New York

With more than ten years of experience of sell-side and buy-side financial service under his belt, Azhar Quader has excelled as an entrepreneur and investor in New York City. Azhar’s career focuses on a broad range of subjects, including: idea generations, trading, product management, research, principal investing, and investment banking. As an investor, Mr. Quader abides by two core rules that stem from Warren Buffett’s belief system: Rule # 1: Never lose money and Rule # 2 always remember rule number one.

As a successful investor, Azhar has proved Buffett’s rules work. From a young age, Mr. Quader showed his passion for investing. Throughout his undergraduate career while studying Mathematics and Economics, Azhar started investing in stocks in his dorm room at Columbia University.

Now, Azhar considers himself to be a dedicated “Graham and Dodd” investor, who relies heavily on notable treatises about investing, which include: “Security Analysis,” “Margin of Safety,” “The Intelligent Investor,” “The Art of Short Selling,” and each of Buffett’s biographies, of course. He looks up to note-worthy investors like Marty Whitman, MIchael Price, and Carl Icahn.

Mr. Quader also dedicates his time to various philanthropies in the New York City region, including nonprofit organizations like The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. He also supports a lifestyle brand called Charity: Water, and Indego Africa, that empowers women in Rwanda economically and through education.

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    • Queens Court Capital Management
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    • Columbia
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    • New York