azhar almomani

My name is up there & I'm 21 years old, studingPharm-D at JUST, 4th year .I'm cool, smart, funny & honest.

Favorite Quotations
‎''Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ' I'm possible!' ,""To be a good friend; be a good listener".

Alone I can "SAY",But...together we can Talk.
Alone I can "SMILE",But..together we can LAUGH.
Alone I can "ENJOY",But...together we can CELEBRATE.
That's the beauty of our RELATIONS.
We, the human are nothing without each other.
Always take much care of ur dear relations...

Believes :

All the power on earth, can't change DESTINY, & Sometimes you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life.

Contact :

You can contact me by asking me or sending me an email or by using the links below.