Syed Azhar Ali


Sunsign: Aquarius


People know me as

• The Ultimate Prankster. Deranged?

• Yes. Whacked out? Yes. Off his big head?

• Totally! I am the viral pun-a-minute, motor mouth who

Invades your sane consciousness and busts your brain with his 100% nonsense.

Syed Azhar Ali believes in his heart that I have grown-up and mature. "Adult" he says. Ha! I say. Behind the steady stream of one-liners and chronic funniness, super dude is splitting at the seams with energy and enthusiasm. And yes, I am Number 1.

***** didn't bring me into the lemon colored light*****

And I am thoughtful, active, easy and crazy. I love long walks. I can dance almost everywhere. Now where would you see anyone dance in a pub and make people around dance too and mind you I was not drunk but absolutely high on life. I am ill-disciplined, unselfish, brave, verbose, impulsive, but a very good listener. I like my questions to be answered and I never leave without an answer. I love watching movies especially comedies. I am expressive and a little animated. Usually, I have a grin on my face for absolutely no reason that you may be able to think of. I like reading good books and articles and love writing my thoughts down in vivid forms and expressions. I can be very sarcastic and I have a distinct sense of humor which varies from subtle to utter nonsense. I would be the one who would be chuckling under your breath even when the situation is grave and serious. I have a good control over my temper and I am usually a calm, composed and pleasant person. I warn you to run to the furthest corner incase I do get angry. I am judgmental about words and statements. I let go and forgive people easily. I am very adventurous in life and like to experiment in life. I love poetry and art and I am quite creative too. I can be self obsessed at times but I have many friends I adore and care for and many more who want to be adored and cared for. I can keep secrets till the end of time and never scare you to let them out even if u dare do harm or fight with me. .

For the people now viewing my profile and want to know more about me then try loving me..;-)

Luv u all.....

Keep Smiling ... Have Fun !!!!

  • Work
    • Jr.Manager - Phycare Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Education
    • MBA - Osmania University