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Azhar Khan

Lahore, Pakistan

I’m Azhar Khan, 43, living with my Family in the beautiful Pearl City of Pakistan, Lahore as an expatriate since 1992.

I was fortunate to meet a veteran of Network Marketing back in 2010 and instantly, the Business attracted my attention. I guess the main reason was the way my Senior (Mr. Umer Farooq) put it. This is what his first lesson to me was.
“We are all involved in network marketing right from childhood, without realizing it. How many times have you not spoken to a family member or a friend about a restaurant you had enjoyed a meal at, or a movie you found very good? Today, if a friend asks you to recommend a mobile to him, would you not immediately tell him about the features of the one you have been using yourself? It’s the same with network marketing !”
“You have found a business that is all set up for you by a company. You see there is some potential in that business to improve your financial status. All you need to do is the ‘same’, as you have been doing earlier.”

In July 2013, I was invited to look at a new company that was in pre-launch (it’s always best to start with any company at that stage, once you’ve done your investigation and assessment), and since this was one of the most respected and reputable networker I had the opportunity to work with, I decided to have a serious look.

The rest is history. As I speak, this company, CashUnite, is growing by the minute.

The plan is outstanding, the owners are real visionaries based in the UK, and most of all the team spirit and support is something I have not witnessed throughout my link with this industry.

I invite you to have a look and watch the short video. Do you research through their website and make your decision. But remember, timing in this business is crucial.