Desiree Marshall

As a Realtor, when doing an open house in Scottsdale, Carefree, Paradise Valley or other higher end Phoenix neighborhoods its important that you follow some key tips to increasing the odds of success.

Do a nice greeting for your visitors however don't talk their ear off. Say hello to them, make sure they sign in, hand them a flyer and then just let me know how you are there for any questions.

Don't fluff what improvements or renovations has and has not been completed in the house

Don't play any sneaky tricks with the people in the open house. Just be honest and friendly.

It is also good to have information on the community, neighborhood, etc. Pictures sell!

Make sure you have other comparable sales in the neighborhood to justify the asking price on the property.

Always have business card available and let them know that you are a real estate professional that focuses on Paradise family homes, Scottsdale luxury homes and other key areas of focus for your real estate business.