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AzISKS Arizona Institute for Sports, Knees, and Shoulders

At AzISKS, our mission is to promote patient well-being by providing the highest quality Orthopedic care of the shoulder and knee through research, knowledge, surgical skill, compassion, trust and customer service. The ultimate goal at AzISKS is to serve patients in a manner that improves their lives by making them healthier, and therefore happier. At AzISKS, we realize that being in a position to provide Orthopedic services to patients is a privilege that we do not take lightly. Dr. Bailie has personally selected each person involved in patient care including: AzISKS administrative and clinical staff, anesthesiologists, surgical facility, operating room personnel and physical therapists. The AzISKS team will provide effective and personal communication, in order to make office and surgical experiences pleasant and efficient for all patients, from scheduling appointments and surgeries, through follow-up visits.