Azizan Osman

A millionaire who owns 27 companies in various industries in Malaysia & Singapore.

A Certified Master Trainer in Asia, for Guerilla Marketing International USA, which was founded by Jay Conrad Levinson.

An expert in Marketing Strategy and Advertising - Own an accredited agency for advertising and marketing for TV, Radio, newspaper and magazine.

Often being interviewed on TV, Radio, magazines and newspapers, for motivational and marketing tips.

Often being invited to speak in corporate and university programs.

Since 2008, approximately 650,000 participants graduated from his seminar among which include professionals, politicians, celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, homemakers and students.

Actively involved in marketing and advertising since 2001. Has been trained and worked for an international organization with the head office in United Kingdom and experienced in managing marketing programs and campaign for TM, Digi, Celcom, Standard Chartered, HSBC, WWF and Makna.