Mohamad Azizi Md Said

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia. I'm Mohamad Azizi bin Md Said. Well, you can call me Azizi, GG, Old Grunt, and Zizi. Nonsense name that you give me will be rejected. And you too would be thrown away to the 'bunch' or 'couple' or 'bouquet' of cow's shit. Anyway, I'm 17 years old in 2011 and of course, in Malaysia, I have to be one of the victims of SPM. Hoping for the bset to me and all of my friends. For your informations, I'm totally beyond your expectations. I'm not as intelligent as you thought. Anyway, I'm freaking good poet, actor, novelist, students, cooker, designer, blogger. Ya. That's me. I'm always thank to God for giving me those ability. But, what we should know is, nobody's perfect. Come on guys. Don't be so snobblish. I totally like blogging, writing, designing, reading, calculating and bla bla bla. Owh, I love chinese fried rice, puri and watermelon juice. And as Malaysian, I like 'teh tarik' too. My friends also was totally freaking genius, beautiful, handsome and adorable one. Taufiq Zulhelmy, Syafiq Jamaluddin, Ain Farhana, Siti Balqish, Nabilah Fatin, Kak Siti Hajar, Ganapathy, Aiman Asyrani, Heeshwaar Mohan, Imran Shahidan, Syafiq Zaki, Megat Akmal Faiz, Shauqi Shabudin, Azri Abu Bakar, Shafik Abdullah, Fadlyshah, Anaqi Shazwan, Affiq Abdul Rahman, Lukman Hakim, Atikah Zuehaira, Dini Athirah, Adila Filza, Munnirah Hafiza, Zuelaikha Nadwa, Basyirah Akharan, and so on. Huh. My fingers totally tired. Hurm, insyaAllah, I wanna be a doctor, or surgeon, or pharmacist or anything, engineering too, or anything that related basically to Science. Ya. I love science. I'm ex-SAKBA, ex-BESERIAN, but now I'm happy cause I'm PERDANIAN. Yeah. I need the truth happily ever after. That's was me.