Abdul-Aziz Saeed Al-Yazidi

My Name Is Abdul-Aziz Saeed Al-Yazidi A.K.A Young Ayzee Madness ,I'm A Muslim , I'm From Yemen , I Live In K.S.A Jeddah , I'm 27 Years Old , I Did Stady Information Technology , Single , I'm Working In A Company As A Support ( Technical support ).

My Rulse are :

If you cheat on somebody, I don't agree with you .If you hurt somebody or damage somebody I don''t agree. You're not OK in my book. And you're never going to be, period. I have an outgoing personality and I am extremely easy to communicate with. who's also laid back,down 2 earth with sense of humor...I have goals I know where I wanna be and what i wanna do in life. everything that happends to me, happends for a reason. I believe life is too short so I stay stress free { Always smling and laughing } I don't hold on to grudges so that makes me a very forgiving individual. Forgive and forget!!!!. I live every moment as if it's my last... What makes me different from the rest? Well I would have to say that I'm unique in my own ways so is everyone else and, my tendency not to care for what other people think or say about me, its either u love me or u hate me, simple as black and white, and simple as 1,2,3. "A person who will cry with me, laugh with me, fight with me, and a person that would be there for me, is my friend." Before you judge me, try hard to love me,Look within your heart then ask.