Aziz ur Rehman Qureshi


I am a well-rounded business professional with a strong background in innovative IT, client engagement, operations management and strategic vision. With over 7 years of expertise spanning USA, the European Community, EMEA and Asia, I have had the pleasure of delivering complex global end-to-end solutions for small to large scale businesses. From my early stage startup I had privilege to work with clients from Cathy Pacific Airways, Philips and IKEA for mobile based solutions.

I approach opportunities with a unique perspective that combines business acumen and technical knowledge. I find ways to help a company succeed by helping people succeed at what they do best.

My goals include helping the company achieve its near-term and long-range revenue goals, and creating an environment that optimizes and accelerates the return on a company's investment in technology.

- Web and mobile apps development
- Mobile Games development
- Social Media Apps and Integrated Solutions
- ERP and other Enterprise solutions
- Online Social Networking and Marketing
- Strong at handling internal and external relationship
- Strength at Networking and Public Relations Skills
- Adaptive to changing environment and technology
- Good at Event Management activities