Ikbar Fathimah Az-zahra

Writer, Artist, and Designer in East Java, Indonesia

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This is me, ik. A moeslemah who born 29th December 1996. Weird, silly, dream catcher, childish, and not-really-clever girl. Choc junkie and candy greedy eater. Internet Addict who loves fashion, photography and art. A dysmorphophobia girl. Loves rainbow, and rain at morning early.

I'm proud to be Capricorn ♑ A little curious girl ♀ Rainbow lover ♥ Stubborn ♚ Immature ✿ potterhead ϟ Stalker ∞ and Swagger ♬ I Love music and all things which make me happy.

Do you know,.. “if you have any problem, you don’t have to settle it. But you must to know why the problem can happen” `;~

  • Education
    • Multimedia and Networking Engineering