Azmaira Maker, Ph.D.

I am a licensed child and adult clinical psychologist with twenty years of clinical experience, and expertise in child development, parenting, and relationships. I currently have a private practice in San Diego, CA.

I am also a speaker and the author of award winning "Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children", a children’s book that helps children understand and cope with divorce.

My passion is to empower children to be all that they can and choose to be, and to empower adults to be the best parents they can be. For helpful tips, tools, and informative current articles on child development, parenting, and general mental health issues, please visit my Aspiring Families Blog.

I am available for consultations, workshops and presentations on a range of topics on mental health, child development, and parenting for schools, libraries, community events, lawyers, and professional agencies. For detailed information, please visit my Aspiring Families Speaker Page.

Family Changes has received excellent reviews from well established reviewing agencies, mental health professionals, academic professors, and media, which can be viewed on the Aspiring Families Press Page and the Aspiring Families Praise Page.

"Exceptional, impressive, thoroughly 'kid friendly' from beginning to end, "Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children" should be a part of every community library Parenting Studies collections. For families with young children who are having to deal with divorce, "Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children" will prove to be an invaluable and instructive aid." Midwest Book Review.

To listen to my recent radio interviews on explaining divorce to children, please listen to:

Mandy Walker's talkshow and Dad's Spotlight.

I am currently writing a few other books