Azmi Mikati

You have reached the page for well-known Lebanese businessman Azmi Mikati. Here, you will gain an insight into Azmi’s education, career and life outside of the business sector.

While he currently serves as the CEO of globally known holding company, M1 Group, Azmi laid roots in the international business sector long ago. In fact, while studying for an engineering degree at Columbia University in the 1990s, Azmi launched T-One, a successful long distance calling company.. After the business was sold to a publicly traded firm in the United States, Azmi transitioned into the role of CEO at another well-known mobile operating company, Investcom, and led its development into10 countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe. While at Investcom, he successfully expanded the company’s sales from roughly $30 million to $1 billion. In 2005, Investcom listed its shares both on the London Stock Exchange and the Dubai International Financial Exchange. Also, in 2006, Azmi helped lead the merger between Investcom and MTN before he assumed his current role as CEO at M1 Group.

M1 Group is a world-renowned holding entity with its hand in a variety of industries, most notably telecoms, real estate, retail and energy.

Aside from his role as CEO of M1 Group, Azmi enjoys spending time with his family in his home city, Beirut, where he pursues a myriad of hobbies such as water skiing, sailing, and running. His passion for running has taken him around the world to places such as the United States and Europe, where he has participated in marathons and half marathons. Azmi also frequently enjoys Japanese and Italian Cuisine.

Though an extremely busy man, Azmi Mikati continues to play an advisory role on several boards, including MTN as well as the board of visitors at Columbia Engineering, The International College and the Children Cancer Centre of Lebanon.

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