Avi Zolty

Santa Monica

From a young age, Avi has been passionate about becoming a successful businessman; he created his first company when only sixteen. Within the next year, he had established a multitude of popular teen nightclubs, which led to the foundation of the largest dub step promotion company in the south-east and a position as marketing director at one of the nation's top nightclubs. By 19, he had already amassed an impressive list of awards from various local and state competitions for his various software startups, including phishyourfriends, Tabbster, ActivitySplash, OhYah Media, and one of the first Facebook Apps - IRecommendIt.

A millionaire by age 21, Avi sold his most recent site to execs at Paypal, and continues to devote his time to his love of innovative business. He is a member of YCombinator, the prestigious Silicon Valley incubator, and is the first to be inducted on talent alone, without requiring the established company/business model usually required for acceptance. Avi moved to LA to focus on a music startup called Beatdeck (Currently in Acquisition). Currently, he is working on Skurt, an IOS app fixing the rental car market.

Software startups, Social Media/Marketing, Music, and swing trading bit coins are his current fascinations.

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