Amber Zona

Buffalo New York United States

A new stage in my life is coming up very fast. I will be graduating from nursing school this May. I can still remember being too afraid to take blood pressures and parallel park on a busy street, and now I'm almost at the end (and yes I have mastered both).

I've been asked by people what field of nursing I want to go into. Honestly, I want to be in all of them. Everyone deserves the care of a nurse who can empathize with their physical and emotional needs. This basic care concept is needed in every health care experience: from a routine check up, to a trip to the emergency department.

My mother is the one who taught me that simple guideline in 8th grade. We went whale watching and she-to put it bluntly-puked all over the man next to her. My reaction was not to shout, "ew!", and run away. I immediately grabbed napkins and wet wipes from the bar, helped them clean up and lead them to the bathroom, while keeping the crowd out of their way. It took me a few more years and a semester in biomedical engineering to completely realize the nursing calling, but here I am!

  • Work
    • Educational Aid
  • Education
    • B.A Philosophy
    • B.S.N. in May