Azouz Tripper

Montfleury, Tunis, Tunisia


Since i was a child i was asking what's life , why i am here and what i am expecting to do .

Nowadays , i belive that this life is just a station welive for some years and than we move on to another dimension to another life.

For me it is not important the way you live or the much money you have .not by owning a highly smart phone or luxary car that makes you happy .the most important thing in this life is to find the way that makes you free and specially happy .

My next plane will be the biggest travel that i ve ever dream to have an adventure to see different culture , different people , different languages ,different relegion ...

Yes we are different (physiclly) but in the end we are the some we are humain stop being a robot stop dowing things as we were programed and start being humain start to love each other and makes this earth a home for all of us

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