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Tim Heetland

Originally from the Midwest (North Dakota), I moved to the Valley of the Sun in 1995 after earning my first bachelor's degree in Business. After working in the fields of investment and education, earning a second degree in IT, and pursuing my MBA at Arizona State University, it seemed only natural that my ultimate career passion would be ... real estate! (yes, tongue-in-cheek!)

Actually, what I came to terms with was the fact that no matter what sort of opportunistic doors were opened to me, if I couldn't be passionate about it, then it was ultimately something that would be unfulfilling. I've been in real estate ever since and love it!

Within real estate, I've been a top producer, team leader, teacher, franchise partner, and bank liaison. My reality - nothing is more gratifying than the sincere appreciation that comes from a client well served.

I have broad expertise within the Arizona active adult and retirement real estate niche ( that tends to attract a lot of buyers - I'm not biased towards any community or area. Yes, it's more challenging to be well-acquainted with so many communities, but I love a challenge and buyers deserve to be as well-informed as possible when making a decision with so much impact on the rest of their lives.

Aside from my career, other passions I have include my family and friends,music (listening and playing), travel (got the bug over 20 years ago while traveling around the world in the non-profit organization "Up With People"), sports (both particapting and spectating and admit to being a pained Viking fan since age 6), and life-long learning.