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Naomi Azriel

Naomi Azriel

I tend to work well with people who are creative, "intense", somewhat eccentric. Many of the people I work with have always felt different from their families and communities, and have found ways to challenge or question the given norms of their society. I welcome all "outsiders" into my practice.

I have been listening to and witnessing others in their pain and growth in various professional and volunteer capacities since I started volunteering at the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center in 1998. Throughout my journey, I have been consistently struck by the profound transformation and healing that happens when one feels fully held, witnessed and heard by another human being. It is this inspiration and awe that I have brought to and strive to continue to bring into all of my work.

I hold a Masters' degree in Clinical Psychology from the New College of California, and a California license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Of the many theories I have learned and that have shaped me, I mostly draw from Jungian, psychoanalytic and relational traditions, as well as from self-psychology, social justice, feminist and somatic perspectives.

My professional and volunteer career have brought me into some wonderful community organizations which have enriched and inspired my work. In my current work as a psychotherapist, I continue to uphold my commitment to the values of movements challenging the given structures of power, to peer support networks, to harm reduction and to maintaining deep respect for people traditionally marginalized. My community work focused on working towards healing and preventing sexual violence, on both individual and social levels, on supporting the empowerment and well being of sex workers, and on supporting women and children of varying class, social and cultural backgrounds in living empowered and meaningful lives.

Outside of my work, I am nourished by family, community, nature, literature and animals. I am sustained in my work by mentors and teachers who have supported me in becoming the therapist and the person that I am. Having been in therapy myself, I deeply appreciate the incredible vulnerability, courage and strength that are needed for deep healing to occur in the context of this unique relationship. I strive to treat my own clients with an attitude of respect, compassion, dignity and curiosity much as I have received from others.