Samer Al-Jabban

Alright ! dear reader am not Gonna waste your time by writing to you what was the name of my Secondary school !! i will edit my bio when i have to

i feel like i born in the wrong country. interesting in everything in this "fantastic planet "passion always drive me to learn new things

what have i learn t form this life through my little incredible adventure , i faced the death many many times and i thought about Suicide many times , i have carefully studied all the religions all the societies and mostly all the Heritage of mankind..and i have find good ,bad awesome things and of course Stupid things ,so i have some Conclusions and some Advices :

1-we are not alone in this universe cause simply this is not God favorite planet

2- we spend most of of our life just thinking about the life and when we conclude something we simply die

3-don't worry Hitler Stalin Mao and the Criminal in your neighborhood won't escape from the punishment God is watching

4-God is everywhere everywhen you can hear him in the Rustling trees you can see him in your Child's smiles you can feel him nearer more than your heart

5-Smile to the life and the life will smile to you in return

6-your family is not just in the blood , you have a soulmate someone is always near to your heart whatever the distance was far

7-Truth is always clear

8-Humans, life, death, Age , universe ...words drive us crazy

9-if you are an atheist so don't waste your time reading this ,go and search for your Satisfy cause death is so near

10-the essence of This life is simply empty

11-There is no such thing as good and evil , Good is just a point of view and Evil is another one so don't blame your enemy cause he think that he's right

12- human beings are very precious

13- we can't be perfect the difference between me and Einstein is only about 60 degrees on the IQ scale so we are not perfect

14-Don't Give up and Don't Go down

at the end read my poet

Months Go and months comes
our days fall like Chips from trees
Day followed day
We meet a lot
(Suffer, rejoice, cry and laugh)
But we have to forgive and forgive and forgive
Our lives like a candle
Our lives, such as an empty perfume bottle
our Bodies will be gone
and nothing left except the odor of our stories

Salam and peace !