Straight-laced until 26, my psychedelic journeys started in 1992 in the heart of Illinois. From the Mystical Psilocybin, Into the machine elves of post-modern industrial-LSD, to fasting and dancing with the Lakota Natives, coupled with the Warrior Arts of Asia, vortexes in the American Southwest, finding grandmother Ayahuasca in the Driftles Region, and to the wonderful everyday experiences of the mystical seen in all human eyes, Azshura has traveled far inside himself and outside in the world. Exploring the heart generated tuning of the brain-antennae with the liberty of consciousness freedom to explore all human realms, Azshura thanks you all for reading his blog and he hopes that in small ways, like minded explorers will gain from insights, understanding, and mediums of the world of human to animal to plant to cosmic consciousness that is our heritage, birthright, and future evolution of the universal human.
Here’s to your travels in consciousness, and a helping hand in the dark never hinders the way.
With the sincerest thank you for reading,

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