Amanda Evans

Artistic Mind, Creative Soul, Witty Nature...

Best way to describe oneself is to mention what they are all about, so here it goes.... I'm all about adventure, discovery and travel. Life is best lived through different endeavors and encounters.

I live my life like the art I love, the type of stuff that will make you want to sit down and attempt to unravel the mystery. There's beauty in wanting to know more and that's one of my best features is that I am curious, always seeking more.

I have a love affair with the ART's, I just can't get enough! May it be music, writing, film, dance, design etc. it truly defines the way I see the world. Not to mention I am mesmerized by all things scientific.

Basically to know me, you must know that I enjoy learning. So there you go, let's go out there and learn something new!