Student and Artist in Ohio

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Aaren | 15 | agender | they/them | enbian | intersectional feminist and sjw

infp-t, neutral good, virgo (sept 9)

mentally ill (anxiety, bpd, dpd)

i rly love haikyuu and homestuck theyre my two biggest interests at the moment and id rly love to find ppl who share these interests w/ me

i have a small kinlist tbh but it doesnt necessarily matter, df if u share these w/ me

asahi azumane (hq)

amethyst (su)

yuuri (yoi)

bee (b&p)

rhodonite (su)

otherkin includes catkin

im not rly big abt kins anymore but its still a thing for me so please dont follow if u share kins w me/ are kinphobic ok

dfi: u go to my old school

u follow rill bc theyre nasty racist transphobic and are abusive

ship abuse/incest/pedo/erasure

u follow snow/elliot/haru/ken

ur lgbtphobic, albeist, kinphobic, etc. just dont be shitty

ur a terf/truscum

u like killing stalking


ask to follow if:

ur cisgender

ur straight

thts really all i have so if u wanna follow dm me a pic of a cat and tell me how u found my acc/who u found it from