Student and Artist in Ohio

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Aaren | 16 | They/them | gay/asexual (?)

infp-t, neutral good, virgo (sept 9)

i rly love su homestuck and rpdr theyre my three biggest interests at the moment and id rly love to find ppl who share these interests w/ me

i also rly love cosplaying and doing drag !

my main acc is @flamingaura i post su edits and textposts there :p

kins: asahi azumane (haikyuu)

dfi: u go to my school bc im not risking ppl finding this account and making fun of me like they always do

u follow praise bc shes mega obsessive and makes me rly rly uncomfy so ://

ur against feminism, kinning, and nonbinary genders. basically just dont be an asshole and we wont have a problem !


thts really all i have so if u wanna follow dm me a pic of a white dog or a cat and tell me how u found my acc/who u found it from! ty !!