azure rhythm

Hayward, California, United States

The name's Paco Taco, I'm 23 years old born on April 11, in San Jose, California. I have a small group of friends that when together seem like we have a party of 300 million people under one roof. At first i'm quiet and very observent when meeting new people, first impressions are everything right? i won't speak unless spoken too. It's a hit and miss for me when it comes to friends, I may like you and i may not but doesn't mean i don't like you. It just might take awhile for us to you know "click" and sometime's i get those you. ( points at you ) me. we friends. DONE. haha But on the interwebz i'm azure rhythm and i'm everyone's friend. I love getting into character with game champions ( mainly Jinx<3 ) i use. why? beause its so much FUUUUNN!! "these pills make me sooo forgetful sometime's... HA!!! don't worry. doctor said to take 2. wait WHYYYYS THE BOTLLE EMTEA!??!? ("sorry"- fishbones) ERRRR" haha. anywho i still don't know what I want to do in life. Lately been a stay at home kind of guy watching anime and playing games but I'm down to go anywhere... when the sun's not out. lol


Likes: Coca-Cola, Hatsune Miku, Annie: Girl of the Stars, Slipknot, Eighty Sixed Clothing, Emerica Shoes, Making funny sounds , Card Fight Vanguard, League of Legends, Magic The Gathering, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Watching movies with friends, Junk Food, Bacardi 151, Socks with cool designs on them, Anime Girls with or without Cat Ears, Running

Dislikes: Crowds, Long Lines, Waiting, Squirrels, All condiments but ketchup.


League of Legends