gay trash

gay trash

Hey, I'm Skyla but you can call me Azure or Sky if you would like!! :D I'm a fourteen year old girl that aspires to be a writer of some sorts some day! I go by she/her and I am pansexual but I do lean more towards girls! The fandoms that I'm currently in are Undertale, Danganronpa, Gorillaz, Homestuck, Life is Strange and many more!

If we do happen to talk then please don't ignore me! I have severe social anxiety and I get incredibly worried when people ignore me. I will think that I did something wrong and sometimes I get so scared that it leads me into anxiety attacks. It may sound silly but it's really important to me! :')

The only main kin I have is Kate Marsh from LiS! If you do kin as her or tag as her, then please don't request to follow or anything because I do see myself as her! And please don't follow if you won't see me as me or tag me as myself. c:

I have a few tags and it's perfectly fine to follow but I will still tag myself as them! It would make me really happy if you tag me as them too!

My tags are

Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck

Asami Sato from Legend of Korra

Chiaki Nanami from Super Danganronpa 2

Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa

Noodle from Gorillaz

And that should be all! Thank you so much for reading this and don't hesitate to message me if you would like to talk!! 💙