Mohammad Azzazy

Cairo - Egypt

- Mohammad Azzazy is a Soft skills trainer and business developer in marketing and sales, he has been in the business for four years conducting & managing the training & development activities. He is managing, designing & delivering communication skills & developmental training courses to both staff & middle management layers using the latest communication practical theories.

He has worked closely with many of the company levels: middle management and down to local sales & call center representatives.

- Among his core training, development & consulting competencies is his ability to conduct training needs analysis, design of personal development plans, design, and delivery of training/facilitation interventions. Within his professional experience in a customer focused business.
Mohammad Azzazy worked in many places like (Vodafone UK, Canadian Ahram Academy, Cairo University,Ain Shams University, Google Project, Awareness, PTH, HCCA and Arabian Marketers Group”AMG”.

- He is now a project manager for the “Train 10,000 trainees in Egypt for free” he is responsible for Identify training requests for the “Dream Team” and also the trainees.

- Mohammad Azzazy is completely bilingual, cross-cultured and his seminars are dynamic with several opportunities for applications in the work place.

- During the last year Mohammad Azzazy Designed and delivered the following courses: Thinking development and creativity, Customer care Training, Life planning, Career Path, Supervision and management skills, Time management, Communication skills, Presentation skills and Private Business keys.

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