Alper Kılıç

Engineer in İstanbul, Türkiye

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I am an unshakable curious person. I have almost unlimited energy to explore something new and share what I learned. I studied mechanical engineering at the Yıldız Technical University but at the same time I experienced so many different things by way of my explorer character. I worked at two different software and technology consulting companies and one e-commerce company while I was studying at university. Was it enough for me? Of course not.. I had become a member of the Turkish Futurist Society and a little over one year later I became a president of the Young Futurists, which is a very active branch of the Turkish Futurist Society. I had a chance to take Futurism education at Kadir Has University, which is created by Futurist Society. It was the most effective education period I have ever had in my life. I took lessons about how to create a successful future strategy for organizations in spite of so many different variables and inputs. My teachers were CEOs, strategists, consultants of top-tier companies in Turkey like IBM, Microsoft, Vodafone, BEKO etc. and it was a priceless opportunity and exactly it was a defining moment in my life.

In this period of my life I completed my two internships, that were completely good experiences to understand the end to end production process, at two different global home appliance companies (Arçelik – Beko A.Ş and BSH “ Bosch Siemens Home Appliances”)

And October 18 I took 3 place in Arçelik Innovative Project Competition , which is one of the home appliance company I completed my internship, with my wearable health technology product idea. It was a really remarkable moment of my life, because coming up with an idea that is worth money felt like my researches and explorer character helped me to be more innovative and to create something feasible and useful for other people.

My whole experiences were individually important, but I learned something while I was working voluntarily at Futurist Society, which completely changed my view of “working”. I realized that if you work on something that is you are really interested in and if you work with other people who share the same interests, you work sweat blood. I told myself at that point “I will find a job which is I am “really” interested in and moreover I will find a company which has team that believe what I believe”.


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