Beate Steenwarber

among the stars, in between venus and mars

I’m a sucker 4 good music, L. A. addict. I love social notworking, have an unhealthy love 4 music and I'm an onlinejunkie.

I worked in Germany for 15 years for a record company (till the industry leader bought us) and I was responsible for the radio promotion aka promotion-manager for the whole north and parts of the east of Germany. Working at the radio promotion department is like a jack-of-all-trades. You have to cover all categories of a record company. and: I was based in a small office in Hamburg; main office was in Cologne; so I have to organise everything by myself: appointments, promo trips, radio station visits, set up the conference room for interviews, daily business, weekly reports, everything what comes with it running an office alone. I am the mediator between two industries: radio station/press/online on one side and record label/artist on the other side. I'm responsible for that at the end of the day both sides are satisfied. Besides the radio visits, I had to fill promotion schedules with interviews/unplugged sessions at the radiostations and walk the artist through that day or days. Even the on tour promotion was watched by me. The radio department was involved in the development process of an artist, creative input from us to marketing was required. Social network and online music communities became during the years a big part of our promotion work. The technical conditions are in place to easily supply the platforms from the road. I am responsible to fill the social network with content. I am competent, trustworthy and loyal. Want to daily improve my knowledge and skills. My strengths include reliability, creativity and stress tolerance. I'm always curious to go new, unexpected ways to get attention on the music/the artist/the band. This is what comes with me: Level flexibility. Resilience. Experience. Tact. Change of Perspective. Knowledge of human nature. Credibility. Expertise. Goal orientation. Enthusiasm. Flexibility. Forward thinking. Intercultural competence. Empathy. Change readiness. Willingness to adapt. Solution orientation. Contact strength. Persuasion. Organizational skills. Improvisation. High load capacity. Web 2.0 compatible. Independent creative work.

some ppl come in2 our lives, leave footprints in our hearts & minds; & we R never the same again!

the moment U hear a song & it explains every emotion U feel!

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