Brandon Grant

Dallas Texas

Brandon Grant, a rising star and ambitious actor, writer and producer, resides in Dallas, Texas. He was born April 9, 1988 and has three siblings - a twin sister, an older sister and a younger brother.

After graduating from John Horn High School, Brandon pursued his passion for basketball, playing at the collegiate level. His post secondary studies also focused on a degree in the fields of arts and entertainment.

Experiencing a knee injury, he was forced to give up his dream of playing professional basketball, instead finding a second calling in acting and writing.

He left college after two years to gain experience as an actor. With his acting versatility, captivating appearance and beguiling attitude, he is on his way to joining the crop of new, extraordinary actors.

He made his first commercial appearance in a CiCis Pizza commercial in 2012. His second job was a fitness commercial for Viverae Health & Wellness. His lean and chiseled physique landed him a second casting for Viverae Health & Wellness in 2013.

He received his first movie role playing Donovan (double) in Hoovey The Movie. He is currently writing a play based on his real-life journey of donating his kidney to his twin sister. He has several upcoming small film roles and commercial work.

He aspires to be a role model and natural born leader for young men. He enjoys motivational speaking and volunteering.

His hobbies include: Reading, writing, fine dining, art, running, traveling, and taking risks in life.

He is single and lives in the uptown area of Dallas Texas.