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Bruno Inácio


Do thinks. Making is a good life motto. And dream too. They say whoever makes very little dreams a lot. It´s a lie. I think it's a lie. You can dream too much and do too much. In all contexts. And yes, quantity does not mean quality. Unless you enjoy what you do. And yes, do a lot is very good!

I have a degree in Marketing from the Institute Dom Afonso III (Loulé, Algarve, Portugal) and completed a postgraduate degree in Cities and Urban Cultures in the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra.

I worked and I work in associations in several areas. At the university, where I was also in Tuna (musical group). In the commercial area, in an association of local business. In sport, cycling where besides I was a referee.

I worked in the Municipality of Loulé, in the area of Communication, Public Relations, Events and Sports.

I worked in the area of culture and historical heritage of the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo António.

I worked in local government. I was chairman of the Parish Assembly and was part of an executive of the Parish Council.

I am link to PSD (Social Democratic Party) and the JSD - Youth Social Democrat where I was Chairman of the Committee on Regional Policy “JSD-Algarve”. I am currently a District Secretary of the PSD-Algarve and Member of the National Council of PSD.

I was a national member of parliament Portuguese, working in the area of agriculture, sea and economy.

  • Work
    • Câmara Municipal de Vila Real de Santo António
  • Education
    • Licenciado em Marketing pelo INUAF
    • Pós-graduado em Cidades e Culturas Urbanas pela FEUC - Univ Coimbra