Lynn B.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi guys, it's nice to meet you! My name is Lynn~

Some of you might know me but some of you might not so I will introduce myself ^^

As a teen, I am quite a busy-buddy since I always keep myself busy no matter where I am. Personally, writing and reading is just not what I want to do since it's quite boring... but when I first joined Wattpad last year, I suddenly got addicted to it and started reading a bunch of book.

On July 2014, I started writing my first fanfic and it came out in a mess, although it was a mess - I did not give up, I continued writing the fanfic and soon, on August 2014, I created my second fanfic which came out way better than my first one. By having followers and readers, my hopes were high and I started writing more and more fanfics! I have now published 13 fanfics in Wattpad and there are still more on its way.

But putting them aside, I just want to announce that I will officially publish my book hopefully early next year and I hope you all could check it out once it is published~

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