Brandon Ngo

Student in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m a student living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With negligible life experience, a mundane personality, and, a defining trait of procrastination, evident in the half-baked writing displayed now, which barely passes the threshold of coherent and competent writing. I am a first generation Canadian, who hails from Cambodia. I live in family of four, with my parents, while my sister studies abroad. The only thing more bland than white bread are my interests, I enjoy expanding my horizons, and experiencing new things, and learning yet somehow still have the capacity to hand in every assignment late.

As for life background and achievements, with my fairly minimal life experience, I haven't really attained anything that is gratifying or rewarding thus far, though, in the future I hope to aspire to greater heights, and, possibly, affect positive change on the world around me. As for what those aspirations are, currently they're vague, arbitrary, but, overtime, hopefully will become more tangible and concrete as I grow as a person until they are realized.

Obstacles, struggle, and adversity in life is something, admittedly, is something I am only shallowly versed in. The obstacles and rigor which define me, haven't actually occurred in my life, but the generation preceding, my parent's struggle are what have informed my virtues and values. Cambodia, a country already embroiled in poverty and dismal was further thrust into discord with the rise of the Khmer Rouge regime, who wanted to regress Cambodia back to a feudalistic age by persecuting the educated and the prestigious, an event they still haven't recuperated from. They surmounted this, demonstrating a resolve, resilience and strength far beyond my understanding, and has taught me to appreciate my circumstances.