Brianne Richelle Leonard

I am an Earth and AtmosphericScience student. I have been in school for four years and have changed majorsseveral times. I feel that this has allowed me to not only gain a strongfoundation in a wide range of areas, but has also given me a clearer view intowho I am as a person and what I want from my future.

In mytime at York, it has become evident to me that I have a strong passion forrobotics. I have been an active member of the York University Robotics Societyfor two years, which has taught me a lot about robots, especially mechanicalconstruction, and has provided me with vital tools such as machine shop and solderingtraining.

Looking back I realize that mypassion for robotics and engineering was evident from an early age. It startedwith the disassembly of broken technology around my house, and evolved intoreparation, and finally creation.

Duringthe four years since I started school, I have held three jobs; lifeguarding, snowremoval and machine maintenance, and employment at a printed circuit boardmanufacturing company. Each has taught me a set of traits that are highlyapplicable to life, such as prioritization, improvisation, and diligence, aswell as skills that may be applicable to my future career.