Bobby Sharp

Sharp's graphic compositions, the logical array of plant forms, have been
defined as neurological compensation for his inability to sort out concepts and
meaning in written and spoken language, a defect of severe dyslexia that
relates to the intensity of his expression

using visual elements. Born in upstate New York,
Sharp's first art was arranging blooms and foliage found along Otsego Lake in
Cooperstown, and later hiking the Costa Rican Rain Forest. His floral
sculptures display the true character of the species used, not only to show
beauty, but an articulation, geometrical and emotional, of the subtle
integration that gives a visual sense meaning.

sculpture and prints can be found in the Rice Gallery at the Albany Institute
of History and Art; at Cornell University Plantations, Ithaca, NY; at Fenimore
Museum Originals, Cooperstown, NY; at the Cooperstown Art Association; at the
Mohonk Resort and Gardens, New Paltz, NY, and at the Munson Williams Proctor
Arts Institute, Utica, NY